We stand behind our guarantee that you WILL obtain your accreditation with eCardioServ.  If you have the credentialed staff and compliant equipment let Accreditation take care of everything else!

If you do not get accredited with eCardioServ we will provide you with access to a professional accreditation consultant – free of charge!  


  1. Your application must be submitted to IAC and a Decision Letter received.
  2. All decision letters outline the step by step items to address.  Submit the delayed status rectification package to IAC using the tools within eCardioServ to assist.
  3. The rectification package must be complete and include ALL requested items.
  4. If you are not granted accreditation with the submission of your rectification package please contact us and we will immediately put you in contact with a professional accreditation consultant – free of charge.


Accreditcoach stands behind our guarantee – all we ask is that your staff and equipment meets all standards!

  1. If your staff is not credentialed – eCardioServ is not responsible.  Tools and resources for helping staff members obtain their certifications are included within eCardioServ
  2. If your equipment is not adequate – eCardioServ is not responsible.  A list of minimum requirements along with resources for meeting standards are included within eCardioServ.