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Each plan provides a step by step guide to accreditation. Additional consulting support is provided with each package tier.

Raving Fan

I’m the Lead of the Echo dept at JFK Medical Center. We have 10 techs total and 36 Cardiologists so I had a huge beast to tackle and this was our first time going through the Accreditation process. The eCardioServ software essentially does the work for you. It generates ALL the necessary policies all you have to do is upload just a little bit of information. It was so simple and took a gigantic burden off of my back. I had stressed about accreditation every day and when we finally got eCardioServ it was literally a breeze to achieve AND I now have the tools, knowledge and this amazing software to continue all of my QI documentation from here on out. I promise you this software will save your life and sanity and is fail proof!

Janette Jones, RDCS
JFK Medical Center